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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Male Gaze - Laura Mulvey

The Male Gaze

In 1975 Laura Mulvey, a British film feminist introduced a concept known as 'The Male Gaze'. As a feature of gender power (imbalance) in film.

The concept of The Gaze is one that deals with how a audience views the people that are presented. For a feminist this concept can be thought of in three ways -
  • How men look at women.
  • How women look at themselves.
  • How women look at other women.
When applying this concept to a TV show/film The Male Gaze will apply by using the following method -
  • The camera may linger on the curves of the female body, and events which occur to the women are mainly shown through the perspective of the male.
GQ Magazine - Mila Kunis

The above image in taken from GQ magazine and features Mila Kunis who appears as the issues cover girl.
This particular cover of the magazine has been printed in order to appeal to heterosexual males or possibly lesbian/ bisexual women. These audiences will be particularly drawn to Mila's nude/cream coloured top revealing her stomach and black underwear. The models choice of (little) clothing is used to ensure that the readers eyes are focused on her body. In the eyes of a male in creates a feeling of sexual lust and jealousy (why aren't they- the reader together as a couple?) as well as highlighting the main key areas that the males eyes will be drawn to this has been done by the use of black underwear, that will noticeably stand out against the magazines background colour and the models clothing choice. These connotations are all enforced by Kunis's smile which while biting the straw of the drink can connote a flirtatious and sexual body language. Finally women looking at the cover of the magazine may feel self conscious or jealous of Kunis's body and may use the image as a motivation to achieve the same looks.

GQ Magazine - Megan Fox

Megan Fox, The Male Gaze is drawn straight to Megan's breast area which stand out on the cover with the use of black underwear. From this the audience can connote that articles that include Megan will be quite sexual as the image on the front maybe used to tease the audience to read the rest of the magazine. While looking at Megan's image in a sexual light the audience will notice that she is licking her teeth with her tongue. This is often shown in films during a scene that would appeal to men therefore the body language she is using anchors the target market that the magazine company want. Finally when looking at the background of the magazine cover the audience notice that the use of red may connote passion, love and sexuality. These are all thoughts that will be entering the readers head while looking at the cover of the magazine.

TV Drama/ Film

Megan Fox - Transformers

When scene attached above is from Transformers an American sci-fi/ action Hollywood blockbuster, starring Shea LeBeouff and Megan Fox. This scene would particularly appeal to heterosexual male men, since Fox is admired by many males. When applying The Male Gaze to this particular scene the audience are able to view how Shea views Megan Fox in the eyes of a heterosexual man. At the start of the scene that camera is focused on the movements of Megan Fox, and although it its unintentional only the male actor (and the audience) in the film is aware of the sexual manner she maybe positioned in. With her positor slightly bent over the cars engine and her breasts pushed forward the audience will connote that Fox maybe ready for romance between the two characters. As well as LeBeouff being enticed by Fox's body the audience are too, therefore they may not pay attention to the context of the film but only the image on the scene (the directors intention).

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Stereotype II

Stereotypes II

 'The Dumb Blonde'

  • Usually female.
  • Relies on her/ his appearance rather than intelligence.
  • Simple minded.
  • Not very bright.
  • Her/ his clothes are revealing and occasionally causes controversy between other people.
  • Popular and attractive, surrounded by people constantly.
  • Lack of common sense.

Where Have They Appeared?
  • Regina George
  • Karen Smith